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This workshop is part of an effort to consolidate an Ibero-american community of researchers on Requirements Engineering, which started in 1998.

At its early beginnings, the workshop was alternatively held in Brazil, Argentina and Spain. However, along the different editions of this meeting, people from other parts of the world have attended too, and thus the workshop was held in new locations at Europe and North America, as well as other several Latin American countries.

WER was thought to become a discussion forum on relevant subjects in the Requirements Engineering field. Even though the Workshop is based on communications obtained by means of standard "call for papers", the discussion among attendants is privileged and encouraged during the meeting.

The experience gained in previous WER's has shown that this mechanism is fruitful since it eases the interchange of ideas and experiences among attendants, encouraging the collaboration among them.

WER has always invited submissions of high quality unpublished papers describing novel research and/or industrial experiences in the field of Requirements Engineering.

Papers are published by the WER organization in a book with ISBN number. Additionally, papers are indexed by DBLP and made available in WER series repository.

The WER Series History involves:

WER'98 Was held at Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil, as a joint event of the XII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, in October 1998.
WER'99 Was held at Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, as a joint event of the 28th JAIIO (Argentine Meeting of Informatics and Operational Research), which was organized by SADIO (Argentine Society for Informatics and Operational Research), in September 1999.
WER'00 Was held in the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Río de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2000.
WER'01 Was held at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 2001.
WER'02 Was held at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain, in November 2002.
WER'03 Was held at Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba, Brazil, in November 2003.
WER'04 Was held at Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December 2004.
WER'05 Was held at Universidade do Porto (FEUP), Portugal, in June 2005.
WER'06 Was held in the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2006.
WER'07 Was held at York University, Toronto, Canada, for the first time in North America, in May 2007.
WER'08 Was held at Universitat Politècnica Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, in September 2008.
WER'09 Was held at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, Chile, in July 2009.
WER'10 Will be held at Universidad del Pacífico, Cuenca, Ecuador, in April 2010, in parallel with CIbSE’10.

Published papers on WER

Published papers

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