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Requirements Elicitation: How Do the Experts Do It?

Alan Davis

5 de Julio de 2006


Requirements elicitation techniques are methods used by analysts to determine the needs of customers and users, so that systems can be built with a high probability of satisfying those needs. Analysts with extensive experience seem to be more successful than less experienced analysts in uncovering the user needs. Less experienced analysts often select a technique based on one of two reasons: (a) it is the only one they know, or (b) they think that a technique that worked well last time must surely be appropriate this time. This talk reports on the results of (a) in-depth interviews with some of the world's most experienced analysts and (b) careful analyses of the most recently published requirements books. These results demonstrate how expert analysts select elicitation techniques based on a variety of situational assessments.

This is a report of ongoing research being conducted by the author and his colleague, Dr. Ann M. Hickey, at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs since 2001.

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